How to Upload a Press List

If you already have a spreadsheet of reporters you’d like to pitch, uploading it to PitchFriendly is fast and easy.

First find or create your pitch from the Pitches page.

Choose your file

Look for the Upload / Import option on your pitch. Drag and drop your file onto the box or click it to open the file picker.

Review your columns

After uploading, choose which columns to import. The first row is the column names from your uploaded spreadsheet. The second row is the what it will be imported as.

Choose the data type for each column

These fields will be options for mail merge and will also be displayed alongside the reporters other info. If you don’t find the correct data type in the dropdown, type your own.

Skip data that you don’t want to import

You should usually import anything you might want to reference later but if there’s a column it doesn’t make sense to save, choose “Don’t Import” from the select.


After clicking “Finalize Import” at the bottom you’ll be back on your pitch page with your imported data.