Author: Paul Denya

  • Adding More Templates

    Creating multiple templates for each pitch gives you options for how you communicate. In addition to sending followups, you can have different pitch text for different segments of reporters on your first send, different subjects for followups with reporters who read the first message vs those who didn’t, and more. Creating A Second Template Head […]

  • Archiving a Pitch

    If you’d like to remove a list from your pitches page, archiving a pitch is easy from the settings page, although we recommend not archiving your pitches when you’re done with them as searching and copying from previously used press lists is often very helpful. Open the More Options Menu on the Pitch Page Click […]

  • Updating Reporter Information

    Reporter information being incorrect or out of date is fast and easy to correct. In this scenario, after importing we’ve realized one of the reporters has an out of date last name. From your pitch, click on that reporter to bring up their info page. Click on Last Name to show options for that property. […]

  • Reporter Suggestions from PitchFriendly

    Once you’ve added some reporters to your pitch, PitchFriendly will analyze your list and present suggestions for similar reporters. On your pitch page, scroll down to Suggested Reporters and you’ll see something like this. Click on Add to send that reporter to your list or click the x to remove them from the suggestions. For […]

  • How to Pitch with PitchFriendly

    PitchFriendly aims to make the process of pitching smoother, including all the processes that surround it like following up and keeping track of replies. 1. Create a Pitch A PitchFriendly Pitch is a collection of the press list, the templates, and the incoming and outgoing messages. You can create a Pitch from either the home […]

  • Sending Followups

    Sending Followups

    A few days after sending your initial round of pitch emails it’s usually a good idea to send a round of followups. Followup Template Head to the Template view on your pitch and create a new template. Write your followup message. The automatically included {$original_message} token at the bottom include the contents of your first […]

  • How to cancel a scheduled message

    How to cancel a scheduled message

    On the PitchFriendly homepage the Scheduled Messages card lists any outgoing messages that are scheduled to be sent or that have been recently sent. Cancel one scheduled messages Click on the reporter who’s message you’d like to cancel. You can also navigate to the pitch and click the reporter from there. Click the cancel button […]

  • Sending or Scheduling Your Pitch Emails

    Sending or Scheduling Your Pitch Emails

    Once you have drafts setup for all the reporters you want to pitch, head to the Send view on your pitch. Select Reporters If they’re not already selected, click All Reporters to select everyone. You’ll see a confirmation that all the selected reporters have drafts ready. Click Batch Send / Schedule to continue. Review and […]

  • Creating a Template and Drafts

    Creating a Template and Drafts

    Setting up a template and creating drafts is a first step to pitching. After creating drafts you can personalize the messages to each reporter but having all of the common elements already in place speeds up the process. Navigate to pitch templates From your pitch page, click Templates in the top right to switch to […]

  • How to Upload a Press List

    How to Upload a Press List

    If you already have a spreadsheet of reporters you’d like to pitch, uploading it to PitchFriendly is fast and easy. First find or create your pitch from the Pitches page. Choose your file Look for the Upload / Import option on your pitch. Drag and drop your file onto the box or click it to […]