Updating Reporter Information

Reporter information being incorrect or out of date is fast and easy to correct. In this scenario, after importing we’ve realized one of the reporters has an out of date last name.

From your pitch, click on that reporter to bring up their info page.

Click on Last Name to show options for that property.

No option for the correct last name is present so we’ll add it below.

After clicking Add the updated last name will appear as an option.

Make sure to select your newly added option to make sure we’re using it on this pitch.

Her last name is now fixed on the reporter info card and the main pitch.

To avoid having to update her name again in the future we can upvote her new last name to give it a higher priority. This will be taken into account within 24 hours.

Team members may notice the change in last name and wonder why that happened. Click on the comment symbol opposite the voting arrows to leave a comment for your coworkers.