Sending Followups

A few days after sending your initial round of pitch emails it’s usually a good idea to send a round of followups.

Followup Template

Head to the Template view on your pitch and create a new template.

Write your followup message. The automatically included {$original_message} token at the bottom include the contents of your first pitch to the reporter.

Create drafts

Head over to the Send view and select the segment you’d like to pitch to. Here I’ve selected the Read segment, which is only reporters who’ve read the email. One popular option is to create a second followup template to send different followups with different subjects depending on whether the reporter has read the email.

Scroll down and click on Create Drafts. Make sure the correct template is selected. If you’ve changed the subject line and don’t want to have the followups emails be a part of the same threads, uncheck Use Thread Subjects. Finally, click on Create template drafts for reporters.

Review a Draft

Click on one of the selected reporters on the left to review, edit, or send yourself a preview of the draft.

Scheduling followups to send

When you’re happy with the followup drafts, head back to the Send view. Select the same segment as before, and click on Batch Send / Schedule to confirm and send.