How to Pitch with PitchFriendly

PitchFriendly aims to make the process of pitching smoother, including all the processes that surround it like following up and keeping track of replies.

1. Create a Pitch

A PitchFriendly Pitch is a collection of the press list, the templates, and the incoming and outgoing messages. You can create a Pitch from either the home page or the pitches page.

How to Create a Pitch

2. Upload a Press List

Uploading a list of reporters to pitch to PitchFriendly is fast and easy. Look for the Upload / Import option on your pitch.

How to Upload a Press List

3. Create and Use a Template

Using a template to quickly create drafts makes pitching faster. Personalizing the messages to each reporter after creating the drafts is the best practice but having the common elements in place speeds up the process. 

Creating a Template and Drafts

4. Schedule your pitch emails

Send your pitch emails out at a time of your choosing. PitchFriendly automatically sends out a few at a time to not overload your inbox.

Sending or Scheduling Your Pitch Emails

Move on to other things

Await replies in your email inbox or come back in a couple days for followups.

Sending Followups