How to Create a Pitch

On PitchFriendly, a Pitch is a collection of the press list, the templates, and the incoming & outgoing messages.

You can create a Pitch from either the home page or the pitches page.

Creating a pitch from the home page

From your PitchFriendly homepage, look for the + button on your Recent Pitches card. Clicking this button will show the Add Pitch form.

Creating a Pitch from the pitches page

Navigate to the Pitches page by clicking the paper airplane icon on the left navigation bar. Once on the pitches page you’ll see the Add Pitch form on the right.

The new pitch form

To create your Pitch, enter in a title and select a Client. The title is a way for you to identify the pitch and usually relates to the angle you’re pitching. For example “Healthcare hacks for the new generation.” Adding a Client is a way to group together multiple Pitches and to track performance.

the pitch page

After creating a pitch you’ll be redirected to your new pitch page where you can search for reporters or upload your own press list.