Creating a Template and Drafts

Setting up a template and creating drafts is a first step to pitching. After creating drafts you can personalize the messages to each reporter but having all of the common elements already in place speeds up the process.

Navigate to pitch templates

From your pitch page, click Templates in the top right to switch to the Templates view.

Create a template

You’ll start with a default like the one in this image. Write the details you want to include, just like you’re writing a message in your email client. Add images, links, or other mail merge fields using the tools.

Create reporter drafts

When you’re happy with the template, click the Create Reporter Drafts button at the bottom of the editing window.

Make sure the correct template is selected and the preview looks correct and then click Create template drafts for reporters.

Review a draft

Click on one of the reporters on the left side to jump into their details and view or edit their draft. From this page you can also update the reporter’s information or send yourself a preview of the draft.