Adding More Templates

Creating multiple templates for each pitch gives you options for how you communicate. In addition to sending followups, you can have different pitch text for different segments of reporters on your first send, different subjects for followups with reporters who read the first message vs those who didn’t, and more.

Creating A Second Template

Head to the Template view on your pitch and click the + to create a new template.

Customize your message and subject

Write your message and . The automatically included {$original_message} token at the bottom include the contents of your first pitch to the reporter. You can remove this if you’d like.

use your templates subject When Pitching

When creating drafts from your template you’ll see a checkbox Use Thread Subjects. Uncheck this box to always use your template’s subject.

If this is checked and you’ve previously sent emails to these reporters, subjects will be changed to keep messages threaded for platforms like Gmail. The subject will be “RE: ” + the subject of the first message you sent to that reporter.